Friday, June 29, 2012

Goals for the Summer...

Yes, summer vacation is FINALLY here! I'm so excited, but at the end of the day, I'm going to miss (most of) those kids. I always need to keep in mind that their actions and behaviors are a result of something else that has happened to them in their life, or may still be happening, and they're just kids.

Here are some of my goals for the summer:
1) Don't gain anymore weight
2) Learn some Spanish
3) Do something I've never done before everyday. This could mean something as small as eating a new food, or in a restaurant I've never eaten before, or something bigger like skydiving (which is NOT going to happen). I will try to share my new experiences each day, but sometimes I might need to keep them to myself :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I don't even know what to call this post....

I think I just figured out part of the reason I'm fat. I'm sitting here working on homework, and I get to a part that sounds like a pain in the ass to do. So, I decide that I simply cannot do another piece of homework without first eating some breakfast (in this case, it was two pieces of cold pizza). Now, I'm back to the homework, and after I get this next part done, I will probably realize that I don't want to do the next thing, and decide that I really need some ice cream if I'm going to get this next part done. This may continue until I either A) get all of my stuff done, B) puke or pass out from eating so much, or C) both. So, I just realized that I often use food to distract from doing things that I don't want to do. It's a wonder I'm not 250lbs, because there are always a lot of things I don't want to do.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Updates and Deliveries

Wow. It has really been a long time since I've written a blog. It would be impossible to update the three of you who read this on every little thing that has happened since last I've written, so I'm just going to name like one thing that has happened per month.

September (end of): I found an apartment!! I love it, and I love my neighborhood! I live in the Yorkville section of the Upper East Side in the 80s between 1st and 2nd Avenues. This means that I'm not super close to the subway, but I'm definitely in walking distance. Luckily, I love to take the bus, because I have the M15 bus very conveniently located nearby (even though I always miss it by seconds and have to wait 10-20 minutes for the next one). My roommate is very cool. I have an 80s celebrity living next door to me, and an amazing rooftop that I can't wait to hang out on again when it gets warmer. The downside is that it's a 5th floor walk-up; but my fat ass can use the exercise, anyway.

October: Nothing too interesting really happened this month. The weather was great, I still didn't like my job and hated my boss. I focused on the positives and enjoyed living in the city. Oh yeah, I also started going on dates. Some of the guys have been really ridiculous, and some have been nice. I'm not going to talk about dating much on this blog, though. It's none of some people's business.

November: My friend Rebecca came and visited during Thanksgiving week and we had a BLAST! We saw Rent at New World Stages (where they make THE BEST Bloody Marys), we did A LOT of eating, she did a lot of shopping, we went to The American Gangster Museum which was a huge letdown, we saw the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live (I'll never do that again, but I'm glad I did it once), We went to B.B. Kings and saw a performance by some guys pretending to be The Rat Pack. We liked that. We did not enjoy being held over because there was a bomb threat in Times Square and everyone had to stay where they were, but whatever. I'm trying to remember what else we did, because it was great times, and we did lots of cool stuff. Anyway, it was great. I LOVE having visitors.

December: Lots happened this month. First and foremost, I got a different teaching job, this one in Manhattan. It's hard coming in during the middle of the year, especially since these kids had two teachers who just up and quit on them. However, the coworkers are great, and I feel like I'm doing the best I can. This is also the month that my New York Teaching License has been approved (initial conditional - I still have to take some tests), so I am now being paid like a teacher! Times were hard up until very recently. I was only being paid like a sub, and to top it all off, I had a lot of money garnished from my account this month for a credit card I didn't even know I owed on. I literally spent a couple of weeks eating like one small thing per day. My friend in Michigan (the same one who has Emmett) loaned me money for my rent. I don't know what I would do without my friends!
     I also went home this month for Christmas. It was just five days, but I was so happy to see my family, Emmett, and some friends. Then, I went back to New York and Kimberly and Andrea spent New Year's Eve with me. We had a lot of fun. Again, I LOVE having visitors.

January: I turned another year older. Some key people forgot, but I forgive them. My best friend's little boy turned 1. I finally got to go shopping for Christmas gifts for my family, my best friend's little boy, and my other best friend's little girl. I'm so excited to give them to everyone when I go home next month.

That brings us to today. I hate Sundays. I hated them when I lived in Michigan, even though I loved both of my jobs. You can only imagine how much I hate them now that I'm at a job I cannot stand. I got up early today, trying really hard to pretend it was Saturday. I went and had a bagel, went to Duane Reade Drugs for some necessities, went to Starbucks for a mocha, and then went to C-Town, my neighborhood grocery store. I had lots of things to buy, and was thinking to myself, "I am not going to want to carry all of this stuff up four flights of stairs." When I got to the checkout, the cashier asked me if I was taking it or if I wanted it delivered. Delivered? DELIVERED?! "How much is delivery?" I asked. "Two dollars," she replied. Hot damn! That is a small price to pay for having someone else lug all your shit up four flights of stairs. So, I skipped home (ok, not really) happily because I did not have to carry all of those groceries. That, my friends, is reason #2142735736537098 why New York is the greatest city on Earth.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Been Forever...

I made it to NYC...over a month ago! Everything is going pretty well. I got a job with a surprising amount of ease. I almost got an apartment with an equal amount of ease, but that's not happening as quickly or as easily as I'd hoped. I'm also taking 3 online classes toward my 2nd Master's Degree. So, I really shouldn't be typing this right now. I should be in bed because my alarm goes off at 4:30am, and my commute is long. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I'll write a longer and hopefully more interesting post soon.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Instead of doing what I usually do, bitch about Michigan and say how I can't wait to leave here for New York City (which is totally true), I have decided to reflect on some things I'm actually going to miss about Michigan. My inspiration for this is Diet Vernors, which I don't think you can get anywhere else but Michigan. I bought a six pack the other day, and am enjoying one as I write this. Below is a list of things that I expect to miss about my home state (in no particular order).

1. My friends that are still in Michigan. Though there are very few left, I'm obviously going to miss them. I hope they come visit!

2. Some family members. I'm not going to lie. I won't miss all of them. In fact, some of them contributed to my decision to leave. However, there are some that I am really going to miss. They probably know who they are.

3. My (now former) students and co-workers at both teaching jobs. Moving to New York was almost a no-brainer, but my students gave me a good reason to stay here.

4. Nachos from Levi's. Almond Joy Ice Cream from Mooney's. Bagels from Big Apple Bagels. Michigan only foods like Vernors and Kogel hot dogs.

5. My adorable little dog, Emmett. I'm sad that I'm not taking him with me, but it wouldn't be fair to him to leave him home alone for hours and hours every day. My friend has him and takes excellent care of him.

6. Things being cheaper.

Really, that's it, and none of the above people/things would make me dream of changing my mind about leaving. My life is going to start in about 17 days. I think I've waited long enough.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Myspace Blog Archive #8

June 25, 2008 - The Verdict

 First, thank you all for your advice and support. I've taken everything you've said into consideration while deciding which direction to go in.

I did decide to stick it out in Michigan for at least one more year. The fact that I was offered a part time teaching position that would enable me to stay here and finish my Master's at the exact time I was considering moving away, is amazing to me. I tend to think that everything happens for a reason, and if I wasn't supposed to stay here and finish my degree, I wouldn't have been offered this job. Plus, I think it would just be downright foolish to waste all the time and money I've already put into the graduate program here at SVSU. I learned that I would probably only be able to transfer one or two classes from one University to the next, and since I've already taken 11 do the math. I'm also pretty excited about the classes I'll be teaching this year. I have 100% freedom in designing this Drama class and I think that's pretty cool. I've taught Speech Communications before (during student teaching) and really enjoyed it, so I'm excited about teaching it again. I'm disappointed that my school schedule won't allow me to teach that Creative Writing class this semester (again, I would have total freedom with that one); but I'm hoping to be able to teach it during the winter semester.

I am a bit sad that I'll be in Saginaw for at least one more year - I almost escaped this shithole - but Sonia made a good point when she said that it is my shithole. This is where most of the people I love are, so it can't be too bad. Instead of thinking about all of the negatives of choosing this job (the lack of insurance is a huge one, you're right, Megan); I'm trying to focus on the positives. Some of them are: earning my Master's; being able to be here for my brother's graduation; not being lonely without my friends and family; and not having to pack all my shit up and move it 800+ miles away.

Well, I just wanted to keep everyone posted about what I've decided. Thanks again, everyone!

UPDATE: I worked at that school for three years and loved nearly every minute of it. I am escaping this shithole in 20 days, but I am not moving to North Carolina, which I just thought was "OK", I am moving to the greatest city in the world.

Myspace Blog Archive #7

June 23, 2008 - OH MY GOD.

I have a huge decision to make about teaching jobs this year. Two schools in North Carolina have offered me jobs, and I just got a job offer this morning here in Michigan, also. There are pros and cons to every one of these jobs and I don't know what to do. I'm trying not to whine here, because for the last two years I have suffered disappointment after disappointment while trying to find a teaching job. My aunt is not available to talk to right now, and I don't know anyone else to talk to right now that isn't going to try and sway me one way or the other based on their own selfish reasons. So I'm blogging it out and trying to come up with a decision on my own. Each time I think I have my mind made up, one of the schools will call me and say something else that makes me think...ok, I need to think about this some more. But time is running out! One of the schools in North Carolina doesn't even know I have other offers and thinks I am going to be joining them in August. The other school in North Carolina knows I have another job offer and is pressuring me for a decision, offering me a larger classroom (an english teacher's dream), and talking a little bit of smack about the other school that wants me. The school in Saginaw, Swan Valley Adult and Alternative Education knows all about my situation, and called me this morning to say they know I have a big decision, and that they have arranged for me to teach 3 classes this semester (two of the three weren't even on their roster, they are geared toward what I can teach and offered as electives for the students) hoping that it is enough to get me to take the job because they really enjoyed my interview. I have decided to make a pros and cons list of each job to try and help my decision along.
  • 1 East Lee Middle School, Sanford North Carolina
    - Principals and staff I've meet so far are nice
    - Close to Cary/Raleigh/Durham (awesome cities)
    - 7th grade Language Arts is what I really want to be teaching, and would be teaching at this school
    - Large ESL population and I don't have much training in that. I'm not sure if that's the best situation to get into my first year as a teacher
    - Other School that wants me said East Lee was in a bad area. I didn't notice it when I took a tour, but I wasn't in the area. The folks at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store were very nice, though.

    2 Overhills Middle School, Spring Lake North Carolina
    - They REALLY want me there, and my team leader is awesome from what I can tell.
    - They are knocking down a wall just to make me a larger classroom because they know I am trying to decide between them and two other schools
    - I would be teaching 7th grade Language Arts here, too
    - The Middle School has its own auditorium with a stage and everything. If I directed a play there, we wouldn't have to share with another school and deal with any bitches.
    - I didn't like that they talked shit about another school
    - The area is near Fayetteville which reminds me too much of Saginaw. I've been looking on and I see a lot of crime and things reported for the apartments I've been looking up. I don't need to leave my hometown to get a shitty area with crime and run-down housing. I have that all right here.

    North Carolina in general, no matter which of the above schools I choose
    - Saginaw is a shithole
    - Great weather in North Carolina
    - My Grandma told one of my cousins that she didn't think I would move away and I hate when people say they don't think I can do something
    - More money, full benefits, paid vacation (even though that's seriously not why I went into teaching)
    - No more waiting tables
    - I would miss my friends and family terribly
    - It's going to cost a lot of money to move
    - North Carolina doesn't pay their teachers as well as Michigan does and I am worried about not having any extra money after bills when I get down there and not being able to afford to fly home
    - I am almost done with my Master's here and if I transfer to a school down there I would have to start almost from the beginning and that is a lot of money and time being lost.

    3 Alternative School in Saginaw Michigan
    - I love that district and I would have my foot in the door for when the 8th grade Language Arts teacher at the middle school retires within the next couple of years
    - I could stay here and finish my Master's degree and then next year, make more money wherever I decide to go
    - I get to teach Creative Writing, Drama, and Communication - AWESOME!!!!!
    - I wouldn't have the discipline issues with this group of students that I may have with others
    - I may be able to use the experience here, combined with my Master's to teach college classes at a two year college such as Delta
    - My Grandma would be happy - not sure if this is a "pro" or not
    - No insurance, no salary, no paid vacation. 23 bucks an hour isn't too shabby, though.
    - I will still have to work next summer, possibly waiting tables. I can't stand the thought of that.
    - I would probably stay in this shithole neighborhood that I cannot stand.
    - People such as my mother will still be able to bother me.
    - There are a couple of whack jobs in that district
    My aunt just called and now my train of thought is messed up, so I'm going to end this blog.
    I'll keep everyone posted.